Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites!

June has been an exceptionally crazy month with the first half filled with exams and stress but then the second half being completely relaxed and just me enjoying the beautiful weather. All this along with Ed Sheeran’s and Lana Del Rey’s new albums being released and The Fault in our Stars coming out in cinemas; it has definitely been an exciting month to say the least. So here are some of my favourites of this month!

Food and drink favourites:

Tip tops: If you didn’t know already tip tops are just different flavoured ice lollies but in a long tube type shape and they are so nice! They come in all sorts of flavours – coca cola being my favourite – and they are perfect to have during this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been getting.

Crunchy Nut cereal: I’ve been loving this cereal so much this past month. It tastes delicious in both cold and warm milk and that extra crunch it gives really makes it the perfect cereal to kick start the day.

Water: As for drinks I’ve moved away from all fizzy drinks and juices and stuck to the best drink – water. It really is the best drink to have; it’s refreshing, gets rid of any thirst straight away and helps you achieve a clear complexion. It’s pretty much the only drink I’ve had in the past month.

Favourite songs of the month:

Ed Sheeran’s album: I decided to put Ed’s whole album instead of just one song as my favourite simply because it’s impossible to pick my favourite. I’ve been listening to the beautiful album non-stop all month. It’s perfect to listen to no matter where you are and what you’re doing; I’m so glad it lived up to my expectations. Some of my favourite songs from the album Multiply are Thinking Out Loud, Even My Dad Does Sometimes and Afire Love.

Lana Del Rey’s album: Mesmerizing, beautiful and mysterious. This album is definitely one of the main highlights of June for me. After my brother kindly said he would buy me the physical deluxe album I was buzzing. Every single song is so moving and deals with a lot of issues. It’s everything that I wanted it to be. If I had to pick my favourite songs they would probably be Money Power Glory, Brooklyn Baby and Old Money.

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood: I found this song whilst browsing YouTube and I absolutely love it. The rhythm, the voices and even the music video itself is beautifully done and the song is very addicting.

Every Vessel Every Vein by Joel Baker: My brother introduced me to this song and I haven’t stopped listening to it all month. I had never heard of Joel Baker before but his voice is so unique and you just can’t help but listen to it 24/7. It’s just a fantastic song that gets you pumped for the summer.

Over The Love by Florence and the Machine: I’ve never been a fan of Florence and the Machine and I didn’t think I ever would be but after listening to The Great Gatsby soundtrack and coming across Over the Love I fell in love straight away. Such a catchy, upbeat and fun song. I highly recommend you check it out.

Random favourites:

Wattpad app: I was so excited when I found out I could download the Wattpad app onto my phone since I love reading short stories especially from people who aren’t exactly famous and published. There’s such a huge variety so there’s something for everyone and now I can read on the go – what more could a girl want? At the moment I’m reading Beautiful Mistake and it’s so good, I definitely recommend you check it out.

Aloe vera Vaseline: Vaseline is essential for me to carry around with me everywhere I go. Lately I’ve been using my aloe vera Vaseline and it’s been working really well for me. It leaves my lips moisturized for quite a long time, feels smooth when applied and also smells great which is always a bonus.

Goodreads website: I’ve been using the Goodreads website so much in the past month to look up lots of book reviews and see what other people have been reading lately. It’s also great to read the discussions people have and it’s just a brilliant website for book lovers. You can check out my Goodreads Tag here.

So those are all my favourites for June! Hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to see what July has in store. What are your monthly favourites?

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Top 5 Favourite Booktubers

If you didn’t know already I absolutely love books and I also really enjoy watching YouTube videos. So when I found out there is a whole community called ‘BookTube’ I dived right in to see what it’s all about. There are lots of people who love reading just like me and they also have the confidence to speak about their passion for books via videos. I love watching all these fascinating reviews, hauls and fun tags for hours upon hours and through this I have found some fantastic people that I find joy in watching and listening to. So I thought I’d share my top five favourite Booktubers with you!

    1.   Sasha from abookutopia:
Sasha was the first Booktuber I subscribed to and I’m so glad I did. She puts a lot of effort into her videos which you can clearly see and you can tell that she has a strong passion for books because she shows enthusiasm and a lot of energy which is brilliant to see. I think she’s fantastic and it’s always really interesting to see what she has to say.

    2.   Ariel from Ariel Bissett:
Where do I even begin? Ariel has this talent of making honest and raw videos that come from the heart. The first thing I noticed was her wonderful voice which really draws you in and you can never get bored of listening to it. I trust Ariel’s judgement 100% and I always know her recommendations will deliver. Her personality really comes through and she’s very genuine and I always end up watching her videos back to back because she’s just so amazing at what she does.

    3.   Jesse from jessethereader:
I thoroughly enjoy watching Jesse’s videos and I get so excited when I see his new videos in my subscriptions box. He’s such a pleasure to watch and makes you excited to read. His personality is great and I always look forward to hearing his comments and discussions about various books.

    4.   Ella from Novella Zoo:
Ella is incredible. Her personality, her passion, her intellectual ability to stir discussion and interest is just something else. Not only is she hilarious but she really knows what she’s talking about. I love how she doesn’t just stick to one genre and also how she has an interest in films as well. I always love to listen to her comments and recommendations as I know I’ll love what she loves and I trust her judgments. Ella is bursting with originality and brings joy every single time I watch her videos.

    5.    Regan from PeruseProject:
Last but not least I have Regan from PeruseProject. Regan is absolutely hilarious, genuine and simply amazing at what she does. I’m always intrigued to know what books she’s been loving as I know I will love them too and her ability to entice you into her videos is extraordinary. Phenomenal, brilliant and a lovely person; I highly recommend you to click on that subscribe button.

Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and be sure to check out these channels and subscribe. I shall talk to you all very soon!

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Green to Gold Poem

My school gives students the opportunity to become Poet Laureate for two years and I love poetry and I love writing, especially in a poetic style, so I thought I’d give it a go. I was very close to getting the position but someone else managed to do that little bit extra. Nevertheless I was immensely proud of my poem and I’d consider it one of my best pieces. The topic was ‘Autumn’ and even though I didn’t win I’m so proud of myself for at least trying. So two years ago I wrote Green to Gold and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

I soared across,
In the twinkling twilight,
Observing, staring, inspecting,
At the bright blazing bursts,
That lay glistening beneath me.

I circled around,
Floating in the blissful breeze,
But now the glowing fire below had been replaced,
By a frail aged texture,
Rough like a rusty ancient gate.

Gazing at this transformation,
From emerald green grown to golden,
As I sat perched on this magnificent creation,
Admiring the beauty it possessed.

Feeling a heart sinking sensation,
Like something had reached its extent,
A monster of wind roared forcefully,
And instant spirals of glittering and gleaming grace,
Tumbled and crashed to a carpet of dirt,
Silent to the surroundings.

For weeks I valued its rich qualities,
Why did it admit defeat?
Now buried below in the depths of the Earth,
All forgotten,
Rejected and neglected.

Gazing at this transformation,
From emerald green grown to golden,
As I sat perched on this magnificent creation,
Admiring the beauty it possessed.

When on the creation,
I treasured its presence,
Now whisked away into gloomy shadows,
Light fading,
Careless creatures dismissing its powerless talent.

Reminiscing the great transformation,
From emerald green grown to golden,
As I sat perched on this creation,
I stopped admiring the beauty it once possessed.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments whether you liked it or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer Fun and Goals

Hey everyone!  It’s officially summer and I couldn’t be any happier! I had my last exam on Friday 13th and now I have the whole summer to enjoy myself, relax and not have to pick up a single textbook. It’s such an unbelievable feeling. I can now spend all this time watching TV shows, going for walks, reading books and most importantly blogging which all had to be put on hold during the exam period. The transition from winter to summer has come by remarkably quickly and I just can’t wait to see what the summer has in store.

So I’ve set myself some goals that I want to achieve over the summer because I feel like there’s a lot I want to do and it’s really good to set goals for yourself as this gives you a direction in life and makes you more productive and active. Plus, I just want to have a fresh start to replenish myself. So here are some of my goals:

1. Do more of my hobbies which include reading, walking, watching TV shows, blogging, writing and getting back into song writing as I have stopped but I really want to continue with that because I used to love it. I also want to start writing some poetry because I’ve always enjoyed it and it will help improve my creative writing skills.

2. Look after myself and take care of my body. Not just physically but mentally I want to feel better; I need to take care of my skin and overall happiness.

3. Try something new – I already write for a magazine which is huge for me but I’ve also applied for a volunteering job and had the interview and got in so I’m hoping to start that very soon.

4. Use every single day to the fullest and not waste any days. I want to travel to lots of new places even if it’s just locally and just go out a lot more often. Even if I’m having a lazy day I want to still do something productive like just helping my mum around the house or try some baking.

5. Lastly, I want to improve and enhance my knowledge and become a better person. I now have plenty of time to focus on myself so I want to use that to my advantage and heal any broken relationships or simply improve my relationships with friends and family.

I really hope I can stick to these goals and get something out of my summer. These are quite generic but I’m so excited for this extremely long break and I really want to achieve something at the end of it.

Thanks so much for reading! I can’t wait to have a fresh new start and rejuvenate myself. What are some of your goals for the summer?

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Endless Love // Film Review

A while ago my brother and I wanted to have a break from schoolwork and exam stress so we decided to watch a film. After spending about an hour trying to decide (not even joking!) we finally picked Endless Love! We had read the synopsis and found it pretty interesting so we gave it a go. And I’m so glad we did!

The storyline goes along the lines of a rich girl and an average boy who fall deeply in love but face many problems due to strict families and a past that unveils itself in the most harsh and ugliest ways. Now don’t be fooled as this is not your average teen romance film. The storyline was gripping, fascinating and carefully crafted. I felt like every single scene played an important role and nothing was put into the film as a filler. You never get bored throughout the entirety of the film and the clever plot, along with the aspects of humour, makes the film a delight to watch.

The two main characters, Jade and David, who are played by Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer, were portrayed so beautifully and in depth. You really got a good insight into these character’s lives and every single character had a purpose. Even Jade’s brother and David’s best friend really added to the humour side of the film and made it a joy to watch.

The acting was exceptional. I’ve never really seen much of the main two actors in other films but they sure as hell impressed me. Especially when I found out Gabriella Wilde played an American character when she is actually British! They were very simple yet so interesting that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

I just loved every single part from the very start to the very end. It had a great storyline and very talented actors to accompany it. It’s very rare that I say this about a film but there was literally nothing I disliked about it which just shows how much I really enjoyed it!

To recapitulate, I absolutely adored this film and I would give it a whopping 5 out of 5 stars. It’s just a very fun, loveable and hopeful film all about strong feelings of love, faithfulness and following your dreams even if it’s not what other people want for you. It definitely wasn’t a predictable film as it kept you on the edge of your seat and the ending was just so perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better end to a wonderful film to be honest. I highly recommend this film to any of you as it’s one that will stay with you forever.

Thanks for reading guys! Have you seen Endless Love and if so did you enjoy it as much as I did? Do you have any other film recommendations?

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Heat Protector Styling Spray // Hair Product Review

A few months ago I ran out of some heat protector which is a must when you use heat on your hair regularly as I’m sure you already know. Personally it’s a rarity if I ever use any form of heat on my hair since I just prefer leaving it natural but I was genuinely gutted when my favourite heat protector was drawing its last drop.

I don’t opt for the most expensive product out there because to be quite honest a much cheaper product could do exactly the same job. I used to always buy a serum that would reduce frizz and felt really smooth when it was applied. It came in just a regular pink bottle from a local drugstore and it was fine for me. As I was going to buy it I spotted the exact same product but in a spray form! I thought I’d give it a try and I would most definitely not go back.

What I love about this product is how it not only protects your hair but it also reduces frizz, any flyaways and adds a beautiful glossy shine to your hair. It works really well with all hair types but if your hair does get greasy frequently you might not want to apply a lot! Also it can feel a little sticky which I know some people may not like but other than that I would rate this product a 4/5. It just makes my hair feel a lot healthier; it’s easily applicable and does the job quickly and effectively. I’ve had it for quite a few months and only a little bit has been used up so I feel like the bottle will last me a long time. When applied it feels like its working and protecting my hair like it should which I love and I bought it at a super cheap price as well which is always a bonus!

All in all I’m so glad I made this purchase. I know it’ll be pretty difficult to find the exact same one but I just wanted to explain how cheap unbranded products can do exactly the same as high end products.

Thanks so much for reading! What styling products do you use on your hair?

Hugs & kisses,
Nabeela x