Sunday, 22 February 2015


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- Staying up till 4:30am and having a good catch up with my brother who I haven’t seen a lot of recently since we both live such busy lives. I find it so adventurous and exciting how the most special memories spark from the spontaneous nights where you break the rules than when you decide to get an early night.

- Ordering a takeaway at midnight because we were hungry, craving rebellion and simply thought why not?

- Feeling the sun beam into my room signalling Spring’s arrival, especially after the bitter cold weather we’ve been cursed with for so long.

- Discovering Jessie’s blog ‘Painting the Ocean’ and feeling a breath of fresh air glide through my veins. There’s something so simplistic about her writing and photography that just feels so profoundly artistic to me.

- Being asked by the beautiful Olivia from ‘Olivia Curls’ to take part in her ‘Happy Interview’ series and then conversing through emails and getting to know Olivia as a person. It has been incredible and has made me so happy; who knew immersing yourself in someone else’s world for a while could be so enriching?

- Lying in bed at 2am and feeling a weird sensation lifting me, like a rise in determination after hearing only disbelief in my ability. My ambitious dreaming returning in full force, strength being restored and for the first time I felt the universe urging me to prove that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

- Waiting for the coaches as the wind reddened my fingers and bit my pink cheeks. It had been an exhausting day at college yet I stood watching the elegant sunset and all my worries were diminished instantly.

- Watching a film with my little sisters and feeling so grateful to have them in my life. It felt great to be able to see the world from their perspective, no matter how absurd and impossible their theories can be.

- Meeting a couple of my old friends from high school and (failing miserably) at a game of Monopoly. There was a lot of uncontrollable laughter and reminiscing of past memories.

- My friend and I flitting in and out of charity shops whilst waiting for a philosophical talk on existentialism at the local library before realising that we had got the wrong date. Yet those five hours gave a good insight into our different lives and just simply walking around, laughing and bouncing inspiration off of each other was unforgettable.

Hearing my email notification beep and grinning when I open it because it was from someone really important to me. It made me cry tears of happiness because I felt like she trusted me and that I meant something to her. I’m so thankful to have her in my life and it made me realise that I’m always concerned with what I don’t have and always seem to forget all of the empowering people that I’m lucky enough to make memories with.

These moments mean everything to me, despite how small and easily dismissed they can be. I think it’s so important to note moments like this down as they are a positive reminder of all the good that we have in our lives.

Have you ever felt so immense and empowered by a split-second moment in your life?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lifestyle Changes, Goals and 1 Year Anniversary of Nabsticle

This post is going to be a bit of a chatty one where I just catch you up on all of my current perceptions towards life and the thoughts that seem to involuntarily occur at 2am regarding the future and its promises. We’re at that time of year where life is getting ahead of us with piles of essays to write, a crushing wave of fatigue taking over and a prolonged existential crisis so I wanted to just take a step back from this constant cycle of chaos and update you all on my life and its interminable changes.

I’m not going to lie to you, January was the most miserable and mundane month I’ve had for a really long time and I never want to feel like that again, I’m simply not going to allow it. However a remarkable change in attitude surfaced when February came knocking at my door so I jumped at the opportunity to grab happiness and place it in my own hands. I’ve made small changes to my atrocious diet by making a conscious effort to drink more water, eat more fruit and to do around 40 minutes of exercise a day. I was sick of feeling weak and my God is my body thanking me for it. I feel stronger, my skin’s glowing and my confidence has come rushing back into my veins which is something I hadn’t felt in a long time. Although these lifestyle changes are to a small degree I feel that tiny seed of hope growing strong and ready to bloom its way straight to the top.

With a copious amount of tasks to complete, endless mind-numbing coursework and maintaining a blog, you can understand the exhausting stress my mind has been battling with. I’ve been writing down every single task, no matter how big or small, along with future plans and goals I want to achieve by the end of 2015. And although it’s ever-growing, it has immensely helped to clear my mind. I’ve also been writing down my achievements as a reminder that I’m doing okay and I can’t even begin to express how uplifting this exercise has been and I encourage you all to do the same. I really want to share some of my goals and achievements with you all and be sure to let me know some of yours down in the comments too.

1.      Go out and socialise with my old friends from high school at least once in February
2.     Achieve ABB in my A levels
3.     Have a job by the end of the year

1.      I haven’t missed a day of college since the new term started
2.     Towards the end of January I went back to my high school to collect my GCSE certificates and I was really nervous about seeing everyone again but I got over the fear and ended up having a really lovely time

As of right now I’m taking each day as it comes but I refuse to allow 2015 to just be another mediocre year.

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The last thing I wanted to talk (or rather do a melodramatic celebratory dance) about is the one year anniversary of my blog! On the 16th February 2014 I started this little blog as a hobby because being a very opinionated person with a mind full of creativity just wasn’t cutting it in the real world. Having this online presence has been a beautiful whirlwind and the support I’ve received from this community means everything to me, you’re all immensely inspiring, passionate, hard-working and so damn kind. Thank you.

I wanted to give a few mentions to some of the wonderful friends I’ve made and the people who have made my first year of blogging so special.

Lauren is someone who I feel I could talk to for hours on end and never get bored. Her strong passion for books, Pretty Little Liars and writing all tied together with her lovely personality always puts a smile on my face. Not too long ago she made the decision to convert to a cruelty free lifestyle and damn I am so proud of her. People like Lauren are the kind of positive people I’d like to surround myself with as her kind words keep me motivated and boost my confidence immensely.

I can talk to Sylwia about anything. From broken friendships, depression, teenage woes and the latest verdict on who killed Lucy on EastEnders. After conversing through emails and getting to know Sylwia I’ve discovered a selfless, genuine and honest friend; something that’s very difficult to find nowadays. I’m so grateful for all of the help she has given me, especially when I was at a really low point in my life and she was there to offer thoughtful advice, I’m never going to forget that. Her strength is admirable and my respect for her is ever-growing. She has really made my first year of blogging one to remember.

Lauryn has something so rare that is almost impossible to find amongst the millions of bloggers out there. Forget her sophisticated writing style and dismiss her strong-minded approach to deep philosophical ideas because none of that matters when she possesses a heart of gold and an inextinguishable passion to succeed. She is a beacon of inspiration and her kindness has touched my heart countless times. We need more people like her in the world.

I’m so proud of myself for committing to Nabsticle. Here’s to another year of growth, building friendships and contributing to this insanely over-crowded virtual world of opinions.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

5 Ways to Rekindle Your Creative Side

My good friend once told me that everyone can sing but some can just sing better than others, and that’s okay. Her wise words have always stuck with me because it can be applied to almost everything.

Lately I’ve had an unfortunate lack of inspiration when it comes to writing. The other day I wanted to take some time out to wind down and write to release my angsty and disconcerted thoughts. So I sat at my desk, charged with an electrifying energy, eyes narrowing, searching for a way to begin. Yet out of nowhere a wave of exhaustion washed over me and every sentence I typed was met with the backspace button and every idea felt incoherent and wrong.

This precarious feeling of entering a world of ambiguity worried me. I felt that without writing I didn’t have anything to fall back on, I didn’t have a way to let go, reflect, express and get the cogs inside my mind turning to create something beautiful. I didn’t like that feeling at all, so I decided to change it. If writing wasn’t the answer at this particular moment of time in my journey through life then I would turn to other forms of expression.

So that’s what I did and saying that I’ve learnt a heck of a lot would definitely be an understatement. Through this change I’ve discovered a real love for other forms of creativity and have found myself in absolute awe and admiration at the infinite opportunities out there for people like me who are erupting with artistic and experimental notions.

If you have a burning desire to spark that imaginative flame or are just feeling a little uninspired when it comes to expressing your emotions, here are five ways to rekindle your inner creativity.

Source: Nabsticle

1. Lie down on your bed, grab a few pillows and warm blankets and make yourself comfortable. Light a candle so that the soft wisps of sweet aroma trickle through the air and enter your veins. Close your eyes, imagine a happy place where the world is rid of any tragedy and injustice. Now hit play on your ‘Favourites’ playlist and allow the nostalgic tones and serene rhythmic beats travel through every inch of your body. But don’t just listen to it, feel it. Allow each and every word to strike a chord in your heart and slowly feel your soul being uplifted.

2. Talk to someone. Whether it be a sibling, your teacher, the postman or a stranger at the bus stop. But none of that small talk, talk about something real and speak with integrity. You may make a friend or the universe may decide to never cross your paths again. Talk to them anyway. Allow their words, expressions, emotions and mannerisms to illuminate and spark something inside of you and draw inspiration from all of their strange ideas and quirky habits.

3. Are you a dreamer? Do the dreams that slip into your mind in the late hours of the night scare you or perhaps raise questions about your existence and purpose in this world? Write them down. Yep, every single one. Write every intricate detail that your mind can still grasp onto before it’s stolen from your memory and is lost forever. This is a personal opinion but I believe in dreams and how they don’t just randomly pop into our heads just for the hell of it. They mean something. Perhaps laced with a profound message that offers a hint to what destiny holds for you or perhaps a reminder of what is important and what matters most. Whatever your mind conjures up, write it down.

4. Go out for a long walk and purposely take a different route and get lost. I used to do this quite a lot and the excitement and intense thrill that I felt was extraordinary. Turn the volume up on your IPod and bless your ears with your all-time favourite songs. Be adventurous and take risks, and once your back in the safety of your home, write about it, paint about it, sing about it. And the next day when you see your friends, tell them about it. Tell them about every little detail of that walk and allow the passion and fire inside of you to shine through your eyes with every word.

5. Jot down a quick list of all of the limitations that you’re currently feeling. Write down the source of this lack of creative thinking in explicit detail and ponder over them for ten minutes. It’s even okay to cry about them, scream if you have to. But only for ten minutes. Once all of that anger has escaped your head, rip it up. For an added bonus you can even burn it and feel the ashes slip through your fingers and become nothing but dust particles floating in the air. Put it behind you and feel the gateway to your creativity open wide once again and I promise it will all come flooding back, as if it hadn’t even left in the first place.

This may come across as an exaggerated statement but without creativity the world would stop spinning. It’s the precise reason as to why one side of your brain is dedicated to the arts and the other is dedicated to logic and science. One tends to be stronger and much more active but both are still there. So let’s embrace our creative side and change the world with our art.

Our creator’s intention has always been for us to be a tangled compilation of bones and blood but it’s our job to set our hearts on fire and set our minds free through our individual expression, whether that be through art, music, writing, dance or simply whatever puts our minds at ease and helps us extract the greatness from this arduous and perplex world.