Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nature, Sunsets & the End of an Era

There’s just something about nature that seems to capture my heart and fill my stomach with fluttering butterflies. Having lived in the city my entire life with only a few woodland areas where I can hear the birds hum in sync and the leaves whisper in secrecy, taking a trip to a country park seems to ignite a warm feeling inside and a bright smile that refuses to disappear. The feeling of disconnecting with Wi-Fi and connecting with nature, refreshing my mind instead of my Twitter feed, brings an uplifting joy that I simply can’t put into words.

I was taking in the picturesque scenery as my gaze fell upon what seemed like a staircase from Hogwarts. My eyes twinkled in excitement as I stood wonderingly at the bottom of the grand steps, excitement flooding my veins as the yearning to discover what was waiting at the top grew more insatiable by the minute. When my body finally caught up with my electric heart I raced up, a gentle breeze dancing through my hair and dress, making the whole scene look like a fairy tale.

When I reached the top my eyes simply couldn’t fathom the sight. I stood shaking my head in complete awe as I was pleasantly greeted by a blissful lake staring back at me. The sound of the soft ripples echoing through the air felt like a dream. I couldn’t utter a sound apart from a simple “wow” as the rest of my family joined me, their eyes widening too as they stared in complete admiration. It took us all a few seconds to breathe in the moment and to just feel the beauty of it all. A few minutes later I zoomed back into reality and heard my little sisters laughing at the way the ducks waddled in and out of the lake. I noticed my mum, dad and brother smiling and simply enjoying each other’s company. I knew, that in that moment, we were all inescapably happy.

I spotted a fiery glow reflecting across the water. The sun was starting to set, beaming at us with that usual warm smile of his. He looked proud, proud at me and my family for our achievements and perseverance through all of the turmoil, worries and stress we’ve encountered throughout the years. In an odd way it felt like a marker, almost like a touchstone to the end of an era. In a few months’ time everything is going to drastically change as we’re all growing up so fast and it felt like as a family we needed this one perfect day to celebrate who we’ve become before we enter the next chapter of our lives.


I was inspired to write this after the most incredible day out with the family. After picnicking in the sun, seeing my sisters bounce with enthusiasm on the fair rides, racing my brother on the zip wire and indulging in some delicious ice cream, I felt immensely overjoyed with how blessed we all are to have each other and to have embarked on such a memorable adventure together.

{All photos are mine, please give credit if you want to use them!}

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Opus // Poetry

The cryptic nature of poetry is something that I’ve always been in perpetual awe of. I find that never truly understanding its message, but denoting it down to its very last letter anyway and moulding it so that it makes sense to me on a more personal level is so enriching. The way that it starts as a single spark, a mere scribble on the back of an old receipt, but manages to set alight the hearts of many and touch people in a way that actions simply cannot.

I’m a potent believer in the concept that poetry shouldn’t always be written to be understood. Which is partly the reason why I so often refrain from sharing it because it sits with me, resonating within and creating a safe haven deep inside, so that sharing something so raw feels like I’m giving away a small part of me.

But I have come to contradict myself, as I am also a strong believer in the power of poetry and how it can in fact reside in others too, and even act as a helping hand, a friend, a form of anchorage when unstable, solace when conflicted and hope when all seems lost. So here I am, baring my soul in the form of metaphors and imagery, in the hope that you can find a piece of you within my words, just like I have.

Source: here
Edited by Nabsticle

Powerfully silent, dauntless and honest,
Fractures of life etched upon skin
Softly kissed by the lips of needles and ink,
Instilled with nostalgic retrospect,
Pensive notions spark gratitude;
A magical moment of clarity.

Gentle and assuring, bold and raw,
Sewed amongst starry freckles
Amongst beauty spots and purple bruises,
Instigated from the pain of the past,
A reminder of what used to be
And what wonders are to come.

Intrinsic and poetic, ambiguity at its peak,
Curves gliding in complex intricacies
Aching for a vivid and intimate disposition,
Reflecting a life rich with miracles,
Distorted by conflicted voices within
Yet blooming upon the cages of the heart.

Blissful catharsis, graciously empowered,
Bloody cuts housing the sweet cure
Solace between symbols and shapes,
Screaming to be heard
Over the drumming of a battling heart;
Building a character to be proud of.

Momentous and intense, artistic and clever,
Sketched across the cracks of bones,
Waves of identity whistling through veins,
An opus masterpiece
Naked and exposed for all to behold,
Baring everything the soul breathes for.

What’s your interpretation of ‘Opus’?

P.S. I’ll leave the word ‘tattoo’ as a hint if you’re completely lost and have no idea…

P.S.S. Be imaginative and open to all possibilities; it’s okay if your ideas aren’t parallel to mine!