Friday, 26 June 2015

5 Songs That Will Calm Your Soul

Source: laurenaquilina via Instagram
Hazy sunlight filters through the gaps in the trees that gather around the secret cabin. Rosy apples hang like treasured ornaments as the still air consumes my lungs and the picturesque lake reflects the sun that gradually settles between the land and the sky. The final note of Turning Back Around by Rhodes plays and I suddenly find myself back at home, hit with an abrupt sense of realism; cabin vanished and lake evaporated. Yet I still manage to smile as I discover several apples in a bowl nearby, like ornaments taken down until they are needed once again.

I close my eyelids ever so gently. I relax my tense muscles and carefully inhale and exhale, deeply. Every inch of my body untangles as the ticking of the clock nearby slips away and Jeffrey Brown by Cries Wolf enters my ears. My body deflates as I’m carried by mellifluous sounds, higher and higher, until I’m floating amongst the clouds. I feel as though I am a beautiful mess, a combination of complex atoms that has finally found a star to call home.

This time, I am in New York. I’m taking a pleasant stroll through the crowds of interesting characters and glittering lights. The pretty leaves below are dancing between my feet and heightening my admiration for the magic and energy that nature so often brings. Though I’m surrounded by strangers, St. Jude by Florence + the Machine is playing through my headphones and I’m feeling oddly calm. And in that split second of catharsis, I realise that I’ve always been more comfortable in chaos, and that’s completely okay.

I watch various colours rush by, the blurry shapes making my head spin in a drunken whirlpool of emotions. My friends are in the car with me, smiling as they wistfully remember the nostalgic memories that still linger in the scent of a childhood book or the photograph of a close relative. Colours of Leaving by Lena Fayre softly whispers from the radio and travels through our ears and straight to our hearts. I wind down the window and stick my hand outside, finally able to truly feel the gentle summer air. The song gradually reaches its climax as I feel the past slip away like the breeze escaping through my fingers, and I suddenly feel a new chapter starting to unfold.

My mind pauses, my eyes close, and my body begins to slowly sway whilst I’m surrounded by passionate strangers at an intimate gig. The slow but heavy beat begins to emerge from the large speakers as Heavy Heart by Gabrielle Aplin starts to play. Every trace of human existence fades and all I can feel is the intense pounding of my heart, making me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before.


I’ve never enjoyed writing a post as much as I’ve enjoyed this one. I thought I’d really play with my senses and emotions to give you an honest idea of how these songs make me feel instead of just listing them so I really hope you liked it. I’ve carefully selected these songs as I feel they reflect the emotions I most desire; balance, tranquillity and control. These songs have taken me on an incredible journey and have never failed to tame my butterflies and make me feel so secure within myself. I hope they do the same for you.

Which songs make you feel at peace?

Friday, 19 June 2015

Curiosity’s Home // Poetry

Artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein

My mind is an ocean;
A rippling disposition of existence that
Wanders around hidden crevices and compelling caves,
Gazing up at bright lights that guide the way
As all of their glory manifests inside this small space of mine,
A coral reef of imagination,
Of conversations,
Of sanctuaries.

My mind holds species
That have not yet been discovered,
Dipping in and out, in and out, in hopes of uncovering more.
Observing the starfish and dolphins that
Instigate burning questions that send waves swirling, erupting,
A seabed of dreams,
Of thoughts,
Of growth.

It would be a heavenly sin
To only ever exist in a world where simplicity
Sits on a pedestal above the water and creativity is boxed
And shipped into dark holes,
Dark holes that despise the ideas and knowledge that humans crave,
Only Black,
Only white,
And only the sad absence of grey.

But my mind is an ocean
That refuses to be buried alive underneath the seabed,
That dances against the tide, in and out, in and out.
Never anchored by reality
Because my mind is a precious pearl in clammy realism,
A symbol of hope,
Of freedom,
Of curiosity…

It's taken me a good few months to write this poem but it finally feels right. I hope it reminds you of just how inquisitive, wild and extraordinary your mind can be and to never let anything suppress your magic.

It would be amazing if you could have a read of a couple of other poems that I’ve posted on Nabsticle like Green to Gold and Opus, I’d love to know what you think!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Love is a Polaroid

Source: here

Every polaroid has its own story, something that's impossible to replicate without eradicating its original meaning. A polaroid is between two people, the photographer and its object, both holding a connection, a bond, an understanding.

A polaroid can come out right or it can come out wrong, it can look perfect or it can look blurred. But that doesn't matter because it's the moment that counts, that spark between two passionate humans. And soon that blurred mess transforms into something utterly beautiful. It's kept in photo albums as little sweet reminders, or hung as nostalgic memories, like pretty fairy lights.

A polaroid is transparent, no lies, only truth. It's ,the reason they have come back into fashion, because raw love was in desperate need of reviving. It represents something more than just the simplicity of love. It allows us to resurrect every emotion that our souls have ever felt. The raw and intricate details, the intimacy of our very existence.

Some see it as a waste of time, a novelty that smudges and fades like the moment in which it was captured. Yet some, those who crave adventure, who chase dreams, who fight for love, see a polaroid as something so much more. They find joy in that feeling they felt as they took it, fingers trembling and buzzing with electricity to catch the perfect moment in time, in the hope that it would last an eternity.


I'm no expert on love but one thing’s for sure, love is a polaroid; beautiful, authentic and unpredictable. And as long as it exists, cherish it, because just like a polaroid, you only get a moment before it's gone.