Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer Journal: Favourites

It’s been three and a half months. It’s been an interesting and self-improving journey. It’s been my summer; documented in snippets of loopy handwriting, vibrant colour and memories locked between pages.

It’s been three and a half months since this post, where I shared my hopes of recording my adventures in a journal that I purchased on the day of my last exam. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how refreshing it’s been to spend evenings exploring the possibilities that a blank page can offer.

So today, I’m going to share some of my favourites with you, along with the stories that come with each piece. And once you’ve finished reading, I encourage you to draw, write, doodle and paint, in an attempt to use creative expression to calm the chaos.

The Infinite Child: 16/07/15

I spent an evening with my younger sisters painting this, eyes narrowing in deep concentration, smile widening at the thought of doing something so… childlike. It’s strange because paint is something that I’m uncomfortable using. I find that my hand struggles to keep steady, my strokes are disorderly and the final product is nothing like how I envisioned.

But in this case, my rainbow was messy on purpose, in order to relive the days spent sitting at the colourful tables in primary school with no rules attached to what I created. And if I were to take one lesson from this experience, it is that I should never let my age confine me.

Willow Tree: 01/08/15

The thought of willow trees always brings about a magical energy. There’s just something about them that instigates an enchanted atmosphere, and I felt compelled to capture that on paper.

This piece was inspired by a dream and although its significance was small, its impact wasn’t. Being within the presence of this stranger made me feel a heart-warming sense of safety and protection from the rush of the outside world. It’s difficult for me to explain the exact effect it had, but if a dream has the power to make me feel like that, then I’m not going to hesitate to document it.

Vulnerability: 02/08/15

A lack of motivation hit me hard around the time that this piece was created. My pen was lying flat upon blank pages and my head had lost all power to conjure up any profound thoughts that were worth sharing.

That was until I stumbled across the quote, ‘Your art matters’, and it couldn’t have found me at a more appropriate time. These three words scream vulnerability, because yes, my art is individual and precious, so to release it into the world is daunting to say the least. But does that make it any less valuable? It may not matter to others, but it matters to me, and that’s good enough.

Independence: 4th-6th August 2015

Three days spent in the bustling capital city of England with an abundance of freedom at my fingertips was something that I never imagined doing without my parents, but I did, which only meant one thing: independence.

Somehow, in between the madness of growing up, I’ve truly become my own person. Somewhere along the way my parents let go of my hand and I started catching the bus by myself, I started purchasing things with my own debit card and thoughts about university, jobs and driving lessons took over my world. So to me, this particular piece holds a deeper, more life changing meaning, and when I look back I can only hope that it will be recognised as a time of growth and positive change.

The Black Biro: 19/08/15

There was an eerie yet soothing silence imbued in my home on this particular day. The rest of the world was dreaming, the sun was gradually awakening, and yet my hands were insatiable to put pen to paper.

I hesitated, butterflies flurrying inside, my pen hovering, ready to begin. Words sprung from within and soon I was filling lines upon lines with ideas and philosophies entwined with honesty. Who knew that a simple black biro could give me so much power and control and freedom. I knew instantly that I wanted to keep this page of incoherent thoughts and musings, because despite their probable irrelevance in ten years’ time, they mean everything to me right now.

Which one is your favourite and why?

Would you like to see more pages of my journal?

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

One Last Adventure

September has inevitably dawned upon us, bringing a conclusion to the summer days that seemed to be as equally nonchalant yet fleeting. Simultaneously however, this has catalysed the beginning to a re-energised perspective, causing a surge of internal warmth to erupt and soar within.

With this bittersweet notion in mind, my brother and I decided to have one last whimsical adventure, in an attempt to close the chapter of ‘Summer 2015’ on a momentous note.


The smiling sun transcended above the charming ambience of our neighbourhood and danced in glee across our skin. We passed familiar houses until we were greeted with the glorious aroma of food; eyes glinting, stomachs insatiable.

Fish and chips in hand, we took a turn fuelled by curiosity into the unknown streets of our town. Venturing through the winding roads, we admired the beautiful homes of strangers as thoughts were exchanged about anything and everything.

The golden haze of the setting sun ignited our hearts as Never Get You Right by Brandon Flowers replayed in our heads, causing me to feel momentarily transported to an adolescent dream that I was hesitant to wake up from.

With our stomachs satisfied, we managed to work our way back and find ourselves amongst familiarity once again. The finality of the last three and a half months may have materialised, but I’m certain that the heart-warming memories and the self-discovering lessons will last an eternity.


I hope that you found this post interesting and that you all had an incredible summer filled with growth and a revived ambition for the next academic year.

I just wanted to quickly share with you an article that I wrote for The News Hub all about music’s deterioration due to a lack of passion from artists and the destroying nature of the industry. I put a lot of effort into the piece so I would be so grateful if you could have a read and let me know your thoughts. Also, please give it a vote on the site if you did like it; it would mean the world to me.

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