Friday, 30 October 2015

Beating Hearts in Anaesthetised States // Poetry

You and I are insecure and fragile beings,
Cautiously breathing in incoherent rhythms and beats and
Laced with fear and vulnerability, poisoned by the
Light of television screens and bias in textbooks,
Forced into a state of anxiety that with a single motion
This network could collapse and our world as we know it, gone.
There are bents and crossroads, conflicting and leading
Us travelling in a precarious balancing act,
A perpetual tightrope in a circus of malicious ridiculing
As the shadows watch with glaring eyes, taunting and controlling.
Lowered gazes as neighbours take children to school,
Hot drinks sipped in silence in overcrowded coffee shops as we
Veil our deepest thoughts and 2am breakdowns,
They circle and monitor us on the streets where segregation
Dances in revelling mockery at the downfall of human compassion.
Can liberation really be achieved in solitude,
Where we are manipulated, distorted, metamorphosed,
Where we are rich and poor, black and white, man and woman: binaries?
Tricked into believing that self-actualising dreams are reachable yet
You and I are nothing, nothing but beating hearts in anaesthetised states.

{Photo source: Nabsticle}