Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Four // Poetry

Two plus two no longer equals four.
The literature I purchase and the latest televised addiction
Resides in my head instead;

Absorbed without permission by sensory sponges -
No longer simplistic because
The sun is no longer a ball of fire
And the moon is no longer her best friend.
Children believe what adults deem unthinkable
And now there’s a reason why Catherine marries Edgar
And why motives drive our dreams,

There’s scientific reasons behind you and I
And for the price of bread to dramatically rise.
I wish that I still believed,
Believed that Tony Blair is an astronaut

And babies come neatly wrapped from God
And Catherine marries Edgar for love.
But it’s all settling inside through sensory sponges
In the irreversible clock that is my head -
Absorbing literary and televisual influences,
And bleeding out what once, equalled, four.

I’m really trying to enhance my poetry at the moment so I’d love to know if you have any tips or advice? Any recommendations for modern poetry anthologies that I might like are very much welcome too.

Fun fact: I genuinely believed that Tony Blair was an astronaut when I was younger…

{Photo source: Nabsticle}


  1. Wow, i really like this. I found it kinda calming in a way, your poetry is great! I'd love to enhance my poetry writing skills too and sometimes it can be such a drag to find the time to write and make it something you're proud of, but i guess that's poetry for ya

    Zoe xo

    1. Thank you Zoe!! Yeah I know what you mean, I feel the same sometimes but it's such an amazing feeling when you complete a poem that you're really proud of, makes the challenging drafting process worthwhile :)