I breathe letters, forming words, stringing together sentences that relieve my shoulders that often bear more weight than I’d like. I adore language, being able to spill my often incoherent thoughts into understandable sentences soothes my soul and aligns my body and mind. Playing around with words is a hobby of mine, and here is where I plan to document it.

My existence is insignificant and most probably always will be. But that doesn’t dishearten or discourage me from achieving my most important goal in life. You see, most people dream of happiness as their destination, they believe that if they reach it then their life is fulfilled. I don’t.

My destination is integrity. And I hope that through this small corner of the internet I’ll be honest, morally strong and finally able to become the human I want to be. And if I can do that, then I’ll be completely okay with my insignificance.

The pieces of my jigsaw are here in plain sight but the bridge to the answers is playing a game of hide and seek. I’m hoping that through this blog I’ll be making it easier for you, and most importantly for me, to find the pieces.

Fancy joining me on this incredible soul-finding journey?

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